Profiles in Hypocrisy: Gavin Newsom

While our civilization circles the drain as a result of the cultural corrosion and economic insanity they’ve imposed, liberals attempt to distract us with righteous crusades against make-believe menaces like bottled water, a favorite bugaboo of San Franfreakshow Mayor Gavim Newsom. But what’s this?

This week, the City Insider spotted an almost empty case of bottled water in the back of Mayor Gavin Newsom’s hybrid sport utility vehicle as it was parked in front of City Hall. At least one full bottle of Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water remained under the plastic covering.

This from the mayor who in June 2007 issued an executive order directing city government to no longer purchase bottled water, saying the containers clog landfills… Newsom, a former restaurateur, last year called on the restaurant industry to stop selling bottled water to customers and start serving local tap water instead.

We’re told that the water “belonged to the mayor’s security detail and wasn’t purchased with city funds.” Yet a mayoral spokesweenie confesses:

The mayor will be the first to admit that he occasionally indulges in bottled water. It’s not something he’s proud of.

But so long as we little people don’t indulge in this vice, the planet will be okay.

Maybe Newsom thought the mic was a bottle of water.

On a tip from CQM. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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