Q&A Friday #101: 5 Sentences Or Less

Question: Allow me to expand on that last question…

Your thoughts, in 5 sentences or less on each subject below:

myspace vs facebook

huffpo vs drudge

lenders vs borrowers

‘I’m my brother’s keeper’ vs ‘Mind your own bidness.’

And finally, in honor of the upcoming Watchmen release:

Rorschach vs Ozymandias” — President_Friedman

myspace vs facebook: Myspace is uglier, more annoying, and has more spam. Facebook is cleaner, has more conservatives on it, and most importantly, I’ve actually gotten business opportunities for RWN off of it. So, I much prefer Facebook.

huffpo vs drudge: Although I have to give Arianna Huffington credit for her entrepreneurial spirit and marketing skills — I do respect her for that, even if I don’t respect her opinions — Drudge is a better page. Drudge is fast, extremely simple, and I hit it multiple times per day to see if any big stories are breaking. The HuffPo, I hit to look for liberal blog posts to mock.

lenders vs borrowers: Two rules that will help make your life happier: don’t lend money to friends if you want to keep them as friends. Don’t borrow money to merely support your lifestyle.

‘I’m my brother’s keeper’ vs ‘Mind your own bidness.’: “I’m my brother’s keeper” is a wonderful Christian principle for individuals that, when applied to government, has the potential to produce tyranny. “Mind your own bidness” should be the default setting for the government when “being your brother’s keeper” has the potential to do more harm than good — which I have found, can be quite often. It’s an excellent principle for individuals to live by as well. In fact, paradoxically, oftentimes “minding your own business” can be the best way to be “your brother’s keeper.”

Rorschach vs Ozymandias: Rorschach is a hero for people who think justice has become too soft, too weak, and too hemmed in by PC rules to get the job done. Ozymandias is an example of liberalism/Communism/Socialism run amuck. He knows better than everyone else; therefore, he has a right to treat “lesser people” as if they don’t matter to achieve his aims, which he’s certain must be just and worthwhile because of his sheer wonderfulness. Remind you of anyone?

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