Q&A Friday #101: What Right Does The Majority Have To Enact Their Legislative Program?

Question: Andrew Jackson said: “The majority is to govern.” To which, John C. Calhoun replied: “Let it never be forgotten that where the majority rules the minority is the subject.” Calhoun, of course, was the leader of those who advocated “nullification.” The question is: at what point must the conservatives accept that the Democrats won – they are now the majority – and have the right to enact their legislative program?” — metatron

Answer: The GOP has no obligation whatsoever to stand by and allow the Democrats to pass bills that are bad for the country just because the Dems happen to be in the majority. To say otherwise is to say that the Republican views have no right to be represented at all merely because we lost an election.

In the end, the Democrats have a right to pass whatever legislation they like, within the framework of our Constitution, if they can muster the votes.

PS: I would note that not all of the Democrats’ legislation has passed that test. Giving D.C. a representative in the House is clearly, unambiguously unconstitutional although, as always, the liberals on the Supreme Court plus Anthony Kennedy may end up ignoring the law and substituting their own judgment for that of the Founding Fathers by allowing it to stand.

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