Q&A Friday #96: What Are The Five Worst Movies You’ve Ever Seen?

Question: “What are the worst five movies you’ve ever had the misfortune of sitting through?” — RtWingNtCase

Answer: It’s hard to come up with a list like this because,

#1) I tend to get up and leave before the movie ends if it’s really bad.
#2) I tend to block out bad movies.

My all-time least favorite movie was…

Steel Magnolias: A girl I was going out with talked me into going to see this on a date. It was so bad that it was part of the reason that we stopped going out.

Some others I really, really hated include,

2) Alexander
3) Superman Returns
4) Wolf Creek
5) Epic Movie

Bonus: Speed Racer
Bonus: The Legend of Zorro
Bonus: Mind Hunters
Bonus: Lady in the Water
Bonus: Aeon Flux
Bonus: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Bonus: Be Cool

PS: I left off the awful b-movie horror flicks because I’ve seen because it’s not really fair to compare them to the big budget, mega-hyped, Hollywood flicks.

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