Q&A Friday #98: Race Relations In The Age Of Obama

Question: “I seem to remember you buying into the notion that Obama’s election would dampen the flames of racial victimhood, rather than fan them. Now we find that school officials are being investigated and labeled racist by the NAACP for failing to celebrate Obama’s “historic election”

Care to comment?” — RWNReader2

Answer: Ehr…that’s not exactly my position.

I don’t think the race hustlers are going to give up and get real jobs. Nor do I think that Obama’s election will end these silly claims of racism. In fact, I expect them to increase considerably every time President Government does something dumb and gets ripped for it.

However, there are two things to keep in mind.

#1) Once a black man has been elected President, the whole “I can’t do this because I am black” excuse doesn’t work anymore. In other words, the very fact that Obama has been elected President is de facto evidence that America isn’t a racist nation and doesn’t need Affirmative Action to a lot of people.

#2) 98% of the cries of racism are complete and utter bulls sh*t these days — and everybody knows it, including most of the people crying “racism!” Undoubtedly, that was one of the things that appealed to many white people about voting for Obama; they believed that electing him would mean putting the whole race issue in America’s rear view mirror — little did they know.

So, what happens when race doesn’t go in the rear view mirror? What happens when people start crying “racism” every time Obama screws up again? Most white people are just going to say, “Screw this,” and they’re going to either roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, or just plain old blow it off — and when that happens, the race hustlers will have lost the source of their power.

I will tell you, however, that while letting white guilt die on the altar of the Obama presidency will ultimately be good for the country, it won’t be an easy transition. The race hustlers will still try to get paid, some black Americans won’t like losing the ever present excuse, the liberals who love using charges of “racism” as a weapon will be upset, and a lot of white people are going to be irritated that they’re still being discriminated against by the government and called racists — when they’ve done nothing to deserve it and live in a country with a black President.

All that sniping could very easily cause race relations to go backwards under Obama, before they start moving back in the right direction.

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