Q&A Friday #99: Franken Stealing A Senate Seat

Question: “John, first off, I’m a big fan and loyal reader for several years now. You have even added me to your friends on MySpace. Keep up the good fight!

Now my question is: Why is it that the RNC and republicans in general are not interested in these lying, thieving, cheating, liberal democrats steal another election? Al Franken is dispicable. Why is that the Democrats can manufacture enough votes to steal this election while we sit idly by?” — Todd S

Answer: What’s going on in Minnesota right now is absolutely, unconditionally nothing less than an attempt to steal the election from Norm Coleman.

The Democrats have found “missing” votes for Franken, did a hand recount and then chose to take the election day totals in some places because they were better for Franken, counted duplicate votes, and they’re counting absentee votes that the rules written beforehand said couldn’t counted.

It’s why hand recounts are inevitably LESS ACCURATE than machine accounts: because Democrats love to play a game called “count until the Democrat” wins.

The rules written before the election in Minnesota are being ignored right now and Norm Coleman, along with Republicans in the Senate, should use every tool in the book to stop Franken from stealing the seat, including the courts and fighting to keep Franken from being seated in the Senate. The Republicans have got to starting making the Democrats pay a price for their crooked behavior or they’re just going to continue to behave this way.

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