Questions Raised By The Sheikh

Questions Raised By The Sheikh: When you’re reading these insane quotes remember that they were made by a man named Sheikh Abu Hamza, who’s walking around free in Britain today…

“…During a question and answer session, Hamza said banks were a Jewish establishment, the work of Satan.

Robbing them and kafirs, or unbelievers, could be acceptable because they were not protected by Allah. He said: “I say go and do it (steal), take shoot and loot.

…Hamza also backed burglary and theft from non-believers. He said: “I can’t see any problem giving yourself a free hand – getting yourself a new car.

“Go for their houses where you can loot and come back. It is like going to the forest and picking up wood from no man’s land.”

On one video Hamza says it is legitimate to wage war against targets such as the American embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi which were attacked by al-Qaeda in 1998.

The sheikh is also heard giving advice to those joining a jihad, or holy war. He said: “Allah made the contract that a certain kind of believer will fight in the cause of Allah … they will kill in the cause of Allah.

…”I do not want you to say ‘I believe in one God’. No, no. I want you to make trouble for kafirs.

…”Allah will never ever allow the kafir to be pleased with you. He created them and he moulded them to be your enemy.

…The sheikh has been linked to alleged shoe bomber Richard Reid – awaiting trial in America – Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker on September 11 who is on remand in the US, and Feroz Abbasi, from Croydon, South London, who is among the prisoners at Camp X-Ray in Cuba.

Hamza is wanted by America and the Yemen.”

All of these comments were caught on video and there are plenty of other quotes like this in the article. But these quotations raise a lot of questions for me.

Why hasn’t the British government locked this guy away or deported him already? If we want him and the Brits are cooperating with us, why haven’t they given him to us considering his connections to terrorism? How can anyone read these quotes and think that Europeans won’t be targets of radical Islam whether they help us or not? Where are the moderate Muslims condemning this idiot for portraying Islam as a religion of murderers and thugs? If moderate Muslims are not willing to condemn the comments of this sort of maniac, how can anyone be blamed for thinking this is what Islam is really all about?

Those are troubling questions and I doubt if many people would be pleased by the answers…

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