Quote of the Day from Ann Coulter

In the fake-phony land of liberals, I’d be chastised by the PC police for promoting this Ann Coulter quote. Fortunately, I’m not in the business of abiding by their rules, so I’m free to say that Coulter’s statement wouldn’t be as amusing as it is if it weren’t so peculiarly… true. I mean, we’ve all got to admit that Janet Reno is a babe, don’t we?

Despite their phony championing of “women’s issues” (i.e. abortion) there was not one Democrat woman who could win a head-to-head contest with Palin. Especially not if we got to see their faces. Democrats may have a fleet of women politicians, but they don’t have a deep bench of attractive ones. You don’t even think of most Democratic woman as women: Rosa Delauro, Nita Lowey, Patty Murray, Janet Napolitano — and the list goes on. Oh, sure, there are the odd female Democrat sex kittens — your Janet Renos, your Donna Shalalas — but they’re the exception to the rule.

Sometimes I honestly believe that the bitterness in their attitudes has an affect on their appearances.

Meanwhile, the rest of Coulter’s article is as equally veracious, discussing the unfair, biased, desperate attacks on Sarah Palin by liberals and the media versus their lemming-like worship of the Obama-Biden ticket. I highly recommend it to any liberal.

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