Quote Of The Day: The Roseanne Show Has Gone Into Reruns, If By Reruns, You Mean Crazy!

“the people want to be happy and have good jobs. The evil warlords are enriching themselves by employing the most desperate and disturbed pirates to rape loot and pillage. the people continue to come to shop at the poison bazaar. The people know they are ingesting poison, but are aware of its brief initial euphoria, and have become addicted to it. the nazis were brilliant to hybrid a poison and a cure together. We can now decrease the population with certain foods that plasticize the human being.

Will the human soon regenerate its own plastic organs?

Necropolis eats its own dead. It’s pirates now troll international waters. Nec-tech seeks to destroy the biosphere. It will destroy evil too though, along with the good and life itself.” — Roseanne Barr

Hat tip to Cassy Fiano for the quote.

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