Quote Roundup

You enter a comment on a blog, even on The Blog That Nobody Reads — it’s in the public domain, folks. And that can be a terrible risk if you say something embarrassing…or ingenious.

No stone will be left unturned in the effort to destroy marriage or anything that leads up to it.

Shannon in AZ, on third-wave feminists deploring long-distance relationships

They act — more than a little — like the blushing bride waiting for the rings to be exchanged so she can gain back the weight, stop wearing make-up, spend truckloads of money down at the mall, start shagging the best man, and never cook another meal again. Caveat emptor.

Me, on democrats trying to win elections and filibuster-proof the Senate

Wow, I’ve got power? usually I feel afraid to touch women for fear of lawsuit.

Tom the Impaler, on the notion that men have all or most of the power in “heteronormative dating”

I have often thought that when Homer Simpson so eloquently said “Beer: the cause of and solution to, all of life’s little problems.”, someone should have stood up and said “Testosterone: the cause of and solution to, all life’s BIG problems.”

Bill (wch), inspired by my belly-aching about another third-wave feminist’s belly-aching, on the subject of womens’ skimpy halloween costumes

The women who usually complain about this crap generally don’t have much going on the looks/figure department. It’s easier to blame piggish misogyny than lose a few pounds and hit the makeup counters at Sephora.

Daphne…the same subject, continued

If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me. And it’s not a coincidence that President Bush recalled soldiers from Iraq for Dick Cheney to lead against American citizens in the streets.

Erica Jong, providing a much more accurate encapsulated picture of the typical Obama supporter, than the typical Obama supporter would like people to think

No matter what your feelings about Gov. Palin, I think you’d have to agree there is a fair amount of negativity about her that could be fairly described, I think, as forced.


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