Quotes From Today’s Civil Rights Movement

Quotes From Today’s Civil Rights Movement: Since the 1960’s the Civil Rights Movement has grown into a loathsome parody of itself. A movement that was once defined by Martin Luther King’s fight against intolerance and unjust laws is today known for shakedowns of major corporations, never ending claims to victimhood, the Reparations Movement, institutionalizing discrimination against whites, anti-semitism, divisive racial rhetoric, & virulent denunciations of anyone who dares to disagree with their agenda.

Fortunately, men like Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, David Horowitz, Bill O’Reilly, Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, & Jessie Lee Peterson among others have spoken out against the hate speech, inequality under the law, & group think that has come to be identified with the Civil Rights movement today. (Cont)

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