Rarely Do I Say This, But The Republican Party Can Learn A Lesson From The Cali GOP

If you haven’t been following what has been going on in Cali, let me give you a quick rundown: They have an enormous budget shortfall (Ah-nold campaigned as a fiscal conservative and social moderate, but he’s actually just a tax-and-spend liberal with a (R) beside of his name) and Democrats have a large majority in legislature.

Naturally, Democrats being Democrats, they’re much more interested in major tax increases than getting spending under control. However, there is one little fly in their tax and spend soup: they need a 2/3 majority to raise taxes, almost all the Republicans made “no new tax” pledges, and believe it or not, the GOP is sticking to their guns.

Boy, are they sticking to their guns

A state budget deal to close a $41 billion shortfall has been put further into question early this morning after Senate Republicans ousted their leader who had helped negotiate the long-awaited plan with other top lawmakers in California.

…Speaking to reporters outside his office, the ousted Minority Leader Dave Cogdill, R-Modesto, said, “It’s a shame it ended like this.”

Cogdill was one of the four legislative leaders who negotiated the emergency budget deal with the governor. Their compromise budget package, reached after three months of negotiations, contained nearly $16 billion in program cuts, $11 billion in borrowing and $14.4 billion in tax increases. The most contentious debate has been over the proposed tax hikes.

Republicans selected Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth, R-Murrieta (Riverside County) as their new Minority leader. Hollingsworth is part of the conservative wing of the Senate Republican caucus and he has been adamantly against raising any taxes.

…After he was ousted, Cogdill pledged to continue offering his support for the budget deal.

“I’m very, very concerned about where we are now and where we’ll go,” Cogdill said, adding that he would ultimately support the deal “if the other votes are there.”

Sen. Roy Ashburn, R-Bakersfield, is expected to cast the second GOP yes vote but not until a third Republican senator backs the budget package.

So, you have Republicans taking a stand on principles and refusing to back down on their promises to their constituents just because the left is saying there’s an “emergency.” Then when their leader caved, abandoned his principles, and sold his fellow Republicans out, they responded by getting a new leader.

There are a lot of lessons there for the Republican Party nationally. People choose you to represent them because they want you to speak for them and vote the way they would vote. They also expect you to keep the promises you made. In addition, if your leadership isn’t competent or sells you down the river, then you should get new leadership.

Conservatives and the country as a whole have lost faith in the GOP because they’ve lost their way over the last few years. They compromised their principles again and again. Instead of boldly standing up against corruption, sticking to their principles, and showing they believed in what they were talking about, they stopped listening to the Americans who brought them to the dance and started paying attention to people who have been in the Washington bubble for too long.

Now, we’re seeing signs that the GOP is waking up again. Michael Steele is actually paying attention to the base at the RNC. The Republicans in the House opposed one of the worst bills in American history unanimously. The California GOP is showing a real spine for the first time in years — but people are still not sure if it’s real. Keep fighting, show some spine, and show the American people what the Republican Party is really all about. If the GOP does that, we will reap the rewards at the ballot box.

PS: Just as a side note, ever notice that when there is an “emergency,” conservatives are always expected to chop off an arm and a leg while liberals have a big debate about whether they should go so far as to trim a fingernail? Given that they’re in charge of everything, conservatives should be hanging together and forcing liberals to give us most of what we want to get our support, not vice-versa.

Hat tip to Hot Air for the story.

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