Read The HealthCare Bill Before Voting!

One would think that a responsible elected official would read the legislation before voting for it, alas

After Democratic promises to run the most open and transparent Congress in history, Republicans say they are stunned by the number of closed-off debates over legislation, including spending bills, and the lack of time to actually see, let alone read, measures before the House votes.

I know my Representative, Brad Miller (D-NC13) did not read the capNtax bill, per his staffers. What about yours?

So, Let Freedom Ring has come out with a pledge, via CNS News

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Members of Congress are being asked to pledge that they will read the bills that come before them before voting to enact them into law.

“We think the American public expects their legislators to know what’s in a bill before they support it and we’re urging legislators to sign a pledge to that effect,” Colin Hanna, president of Let Freedom Ring, told

Let Freedom Ring, a conservative organization, recently kicked off a “Pledge to Read” campaign, which challenges congressmen to be loyal to their constituents before voting on the health-care reform bill.

The “Responsible Healthcare Reform Pledge” says the following:

“I, (Name inserted here), pledge to my constituents and to the American people that I will not vote to enact any health-care reform package that: 1) I have not read, personally, in its entirety; and, 2) Has not been available, in its entirety, to the American people on the Internet for at least 72 hours, so that they can read it too.”

Fantastic idea. James Inhofe, Jim DeMint, Todd Tiahrt, and Jerry Moran have all signed it. You can go to the appropriate page and have a PDF emailed to you to send to your Congress Critter.

The only criticism I have of this project is that it mentions only those in the House, and is focused solely on any forthcoming health care legislation. They should make the pledge about all legislation, particularly since the capNtax is still up for a vote in the Senate.

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