Ready To Forget About The War On Terrorism?

Ready To Forget About The War On Terrorism?: There are plenty of people out there who are ready to pretend that the ‘War on Terrorism’ is essentially over. It’s been a long time since Al-Qaeda has hit the US so they don’t see them as a threat anymore. The global terrorist network? The terrorists and regimes that have cooperated with Al-Qaeda in the past and may do so in the future? They’re nothing to worry about…so they believe. Well, there’s a article from a website identified w/ Al-Queda that has been posted on the IDF web page in Israel. Here’s the money paragraph from that letter titled, “Nuclear Warfare is the Solution for Destroying America”…

“…Therefore, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Even though the Americans have bombs possessing enormous power, Al-Qaeda is even more powerful than they, and it has in its possession bombs which are called “dirty bombs”, and bombs with deadly viruses, which will spread fatal diseases throughout American cities . . . The coming days will prove that Kaedat el-Jihad [the Al-Qaeda organization] is capable of turning America into a sea of deadly radiation, and this will prove to the world that the end is at hand . . . Yes, we will destroy America and its allies, because they have used their power for evil against the weak. And now, the end approaches at the hand of the enlightened [Islamic] youth astride their horses [fighting the war against the infidels]; they will dismount either as victors or vanquished [i.e. – fall in holy war for Allah]…”

Are they lying? Maybe…maybe not. But, either way — we should act as if they’re telling the truth. That means we need to make every effort to keep suspected terrorists out of our country. It also means we need to do everything in our power not only to hunt down and destroy Al-Qaeda, but to destroy the global terrorist network that helps support them…unless we want to wake up one day, read the The Drudge Report and see, “DIRTY BOMB EXPLODES IN NYC! THOUSANDS SICK WITH SMALLPOX IN DC! AL-QAEDA CLAIMS RESPONSIBILITY!”

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