Reckless Flight

Of all the reckless, insensitive, brazenly wasteful and dangerous things to do, the Obama Administration is now responsible for “traumatizing” residents and workers in the New York- New Jersey metropolitan area.

The best part? That Obama’s Director of the White House Military Office did not even take the precaution of notifying New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg or the president himself that this “photo shoot” would be taking place.

Barely 100 days in office, and already I can’t keep track of how many times officials in the Obama Administration have been getting bad press. At this rate, even the blind love of the media might not be enough to keep the masses fawning over B.O. for the next four years.

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A White House official apologized Monday after he OK’d a large aircraft to fly low over Manhattan — a sight that sent people reminded of 9/11 running in fear.

The huge aircraft, which functions as Air Force One when the president is aboard, was taking part in a classified, government-sanctioned photo shoot, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

“Last week, I approved a mission over New York. I take responsibility for that decision,” said Louis Caldera, director of the White House Military Office. “While federal authorities took the proper steps to notify state and local authorities in New York and New Jersey, it’s clear that the mission created confusion and disruption.”

Linda Garcia-Rose, a social worker who counsels post-traumatic stress disorder patients in an office just three blocks from where the World Trade Center towers once stood, called the flight an “absolute travesty.”

“There was no warning. It looked like the plane was about to come into us,” she said. “I’m a therapist, and I actually had a panic attack.”

Two officials told CNN the White House Military Office was trying to update its file photos of Air Force One.

Building evacuations took place across the Hudson River in Jersey City, New Jersey.

In light of the popular “blame everything on George Bush” technique, I’d like to propose that our current President should be held responsible for this wanton incident. Considering the irreverence this man has shown for the previous administration, for our long-held traditions, for our international policies, for confidential documents regarding US war-time practices, etc., it’s really no wonder that his own officials don’t see the need to be heedful of leaders whose cities they are going to send into evacuation.

This reckless disregard and lack of propriety is just the beginning of many more infractions to come under an administration that, in its arrogance, thinks nothing of having to be mindful of its constituents. These are the leaders we’ve chosen to represent America; I hope we are happy.

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