“Religion of Peace” update: 3 Muslim men arrested for drowning female relatives

Atlas Shrugs reports that three Muslim men have been arrested for drowning their female relatives:

Zainab Shafi, 19, and her two sisters, 17-year-old Sahar and 13-year-old Geeti, were found inside a black Nissan Sentra submerged in water, near a Rideau Canal lock northeast of Kingston. Another 50-year-old family member, Rona Amir Mohammed, was also inside the car. It was not clear how the car ended up in the canal, as police could not find any obvious tire tracks to follow, and the vehicle would had to have passed through several barriers to make it into the water.

(Naturally, the filthy savages who drowned these innocent women all have multiple children with several different wives.)

Can’t wait for the media and some leftie feminists to start insisting the crime has nothing to do with Islam (read some of the comments below the Feministing post.)

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It has everything to do with Islam. A Muslim man who killed his wife last month in Germany said he did it in the name of the Koran.

In other Religion-of-Peace news, an 8-year-old girl in Phoenix had to be removed from her home after her parents blamed her for being raped by four boys. The media says they’re “African immigrants.” I’m putting money on them being Muslims.

Atlas Shrugs also has a running list of Muslim women who have been killed in the U.S. and Europe for “dishonoring” their families.

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