Religion-of-Peaceniks v. Alcohol and Property Rights

One of the great things about multiculturalism is that it offers us a taste of what it would be like to live in faraway parts of the world. For example, a restaurant owner in Tennessee is finding out what it would be like to live under a theocratic dictatorship like they have in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Trevor Hill wants to open a restaurant in a formerly blighted building in Fort Sanders. Unfortunately, there is a mosque on a nearby street. Like most restaurants that want to stay in business, Hill’s will serve alcohol, which is on the long list of things Muslims want banned. Since a ban won’t happen (yet), they want to pull the plug on Hill’s restaurant, so that his $1 million investment may swirl down the drain and the building go back to derelict status.

Complains Hill:

I’ve taken a building that’s been a total eyesore … really gone out on a limb and taken a risk for the benefit of the Fort Sanders community. It’s not fair for me to be discriminated against any more than it is for them to be discriminated against.

But of course, discrimination only works one way. The concept is a bogus tool used by liberals to advance the interests of their allies at the expense of normal Americans.

Hill’s fate rests in the hands of bureaucrats, who have the power to sink the restaurant by denying him a liquor license. Being ever at the mercy of politically correct paper-pushers is not a fit condition for Americans.

Hat tip: Stop the ACLU; on a tip from Gregory of Yardale. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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