Remember That Palin Private Email Snafu? Yeah, About That….

Liberals freaked out. Newspapers wanted answers. How dare Sarah Palin use a private Yahoo account! She was going all mavericky and subverting the law, hiding business from the people! They had little issue regarding another liberal hacking the email account, of course. However…..

A judge has ruled that the Alaska governor’s office can use private email accounts to conduct state business, as former Gov. Sarah Palin sometimes did.

Superior Court Judge Jack W. Smith said in his ruling Wednesday that there is no provision in Alaska state law that prohibits the use of private email accounts when conducting state business.

The case stemmed from a lawsuit filed by Anchorage resident Andree McLeod.

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McLeod contended such use of private emails denies citizens the right to inspect public records.

State lawyers argued that McLeod misinterpreted current state law. And if the practice is to be changed, lawyers said it was up to Alaska lawmakers do it.

According to the New York Times version, Ms. McLeod stated that she was “stunned.” Yeah, liberals tend to say that quite a bit when they realize that the law doesn’t say what they think feel it say.

We already know that the Left is scared to death of Palin, and will do anything to personally destroy her. I wonder what their next attempt will be? Could it have something to do with Nazi’s? As a sidebar, while looking for a photo of Sarah to go with post, I ran across some other interesting ones, so, perhaps the Left could set aside their outrage at some of the Nazi and Hitler references at the protests, some of which are faked

Those are just a few of the references I found. Oh, and then there is this one

So, where do you think you can shove your moral outrage, libs?

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