Repackaging Porkulus-Change Some People Already Believed In

As the country continues to hemorrhage jobs, President Obama, leader of the Party who whined incessantly for 8 years that George Bush would never admit when he was wrong, refuses to admit he was wrong, and, instead, presses the reset button on the Generation Theft Act

President Barack Obama assured the nation his recovery plan was on track Monday, scrambling to calm Americans unnerved by unemployment rates still persistently rising nearly four months after he signed the biggest economic stimulus in history.

Obama admitted his own dissatisfaction with the progress but said his administration would ramp up stimulus spending in the coming months. The White House acknowledged it has spent only $44 billion, or 5 percent, of the $787 billion stimulus, but that total has always been expected to rise sharply this summer.

You remember that $787 billion package, the one that had to be passes so fast that no one could read it before voting on it, and, amazingly, enough did? And how Obama said it just couldn’t wait, or OMG, everybody panic!!!! then went and didn’t sign it Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, but, had a nice Valentine’s dinner with Michelle in Chicago, then, finally, signed it with a big photo op in Denver on Tuesday? Here it is early June, and only 5% has been spent.

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And the economy has bled 1.6 million jobs since he signed it. Obama still cannot back up his claim that He (must always use capitalization for Obama now, since he is God, or something like that) has created 150,000 jobs, and only the most serious Obamazombies can believe that he will create or save 600K jobs. Remember: “Congressional Budget Office estimated that the recession would end in the ‘second half of 2009’ even if Obama did nothing.” Instead, with Obama’s Porkulus, we are at 9.4% unemployment, basically European unemployment numbers, and some economists think it could hit 10%, with the jobless peak coming in 2010. Change you can’t believe in.

Some analysts believe the White House is still not being realistic, that Obama will be lucky if any real job creation from his recovery effort is seen by the end of the year, let alone the employment explosion he predicts.

“I think these estimates are overly optimistic,” said Arpitha Bykere, a senior analyst with RGE Monitor.

Some companies are getting creative, and, rather then letting employees go, they are cutting pay and taking other measures, such as not giving raises (I can raise my hand on that one.) That may truly stink for those people, but, better then being out of work, and it is hard for a business to run properly without their workforce.

Even a favorite of the Left, Paul Krugman, see’s the U.S. recession ending by September. Exactly what most economists thought would happen without the Generational Theft Act. So, if only 5% of the OMG we have to pass it right now!!!! Stimulus act has been used, and the recession ends by September, will President Obama and the Stimulus supporters admit that they were wrong, but, putting their tin foil hats in the microwave wrong?

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