Republican To Saudi Translation Guide

Republican To Saudi Translation Guide: A lot of people have probably read the latest stories about GWB welcoming Prince Bandar bin Sultan to Crawford and they just don’t understand it. Why is being so polite to these guys and what is he trying to accomplish? Is he backpedaling? Not at all, you just have to understand how to translate what you read in these articles. Let me give you some examples of what I mean…

“On the topic of Iraq, the president stressed that he has made no decisions, that he will continue to engage in consultations with Saudi Arabia and other nations about steps in the Middle East, steps in Iraq,” said White House spokesman Ari Fleischer.”

Translation: We’re not telling anyone exactly when we’re going in but we do promise to call you right before we hit them so you can pretend to be in the loop in front of your local press.

After the meeting, Adel al-Jubeir, foreign policy adviser to Crown Prince Abdullah, told CNN his country agreed Saddam was a “menace to the region,” but it remained wary of any proposed military action against Iraq.

Translation: We’re terrified of Hussein but we’re scared of terrorist attacks and a possible revolt if we support you.

“Fleischer said the two also discussed Middle East peace issues. He said it was not clear whether Saudi oil production policy came up in the discussion, but reiterated U.S. confidence that Saudi Arabia would not use its control over vast oil supplies as a political weapon.”

Translation: Saudi Arabia’s economy would collapse if they were deprived of our oil revenue for six months.

“The state-owned Saudi Press Agency published details of the call from Bush to Prince Abdullah, the de facto Saudi ruler, in which the U.S. president played down a recent slew of anti-Saudi comments in the United States.”

Translation: Bush also strung Abdullah along until we’re totally prepared to move all of our troops out of Saudi while hinting that he didn’t support the members of his cabinet who wanted to capture the Saudi oil fields for “security purposes” least “not at this time.” Of course, if we don’t get more cooperation you never know what could happen.

With the Saudis, all the real action is behind the scenes because we believe that’s the best way to play them. They have definitely been dragging their feet but all the negative press in America is starting to scare them…as well it should. The real action with Saudi Arabia will probably come after we hit Iraq…not before.

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