Republicans Invading Your Privacy

It’s bad enough when Nanny-staters do it, but when the party of small-government and individualism and freedom gets in your business, it’s worse. At CNET via RedState:

Republican politicians on Thursday called for a sweeping new federal law that would require all Internet providers and operators of millions of Wi-Fi access points, even hotels, local coffee shops, and home users, to keep records about users for two years to aid police investigations.

The legislation, which echoes a measure proposed by one of their Democratic colleagues three years ago, would impose unprecedented data retention requirements on a broad swath of Internet access providers and is certain to draw fire from businesses and privacy advocates.

“While the Internet has generated many positive changes in the way we communicate and do business, its limitless nature offers anonymity that has opened the door to criminals looking to harm innocent children,” U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, said at a press conference on Thursday. “Keeping our children safe requires cooperation on the local, state, federal, and family level.”

Joining Cornyn was Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, the senior Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who said such a measure would let “law enforcement stay ahead of the criminals.”

Two bills have been introduced so far–S.436 in the Senate and H.R.1076 in the House. Each of the companion bills is titled “Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today’s Youth Act,” or Internet Safety Act.

Wow, that sounds good, doesn’t it? The classic “it’s for the children” line. Isn’t that the Democrats demagoguery?

John Cornyn is my Senator and I could not more vehemently oppose this legislation. Parents protect children. Turn the computer off. Educate your child.

The government knows way too much about all of us. They don’t need to be passing legislation like this that has far more potential to harm law-abiding citizens than law-breaking criminals.

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