Richard Perle Trots Out A ‘Clue Bazooka’

Richard Perle Pulls Out The ‘Clue Bazooka’: The “head of the Pentagon’s top advisory board,” Richard Perle, put down the “clue bat” and picked up a clue bazooka that he promptly launched at point blank range directly at the Axis of Weasels…

“France is no longer the ally it once was,” Perle said. And he went on to accuse French President Jacques Chirac of believing “deep in his soul that Saddam Hussein is preferable to any likely successor.”

“…I have long thought that there were forces in France intent on reducing the American role in the world. That is more troubling than the stance of a German chancellor, who has been largely rejected by his own people.”

“Very considerable damage has already been done to the Atlantic community, including NATO, by Germany and France.

But in the German case, the behavior of the Chancellor is idiosyncratic. He tried again to incite pacifism, and this time failed in Sunday’s elections in Hesse and Lower Saxony. His capacity to do damage is now constrained. Chancellor Schroeder is now in a box, and the Germans will recover their equilibrium.”

“…Iraq is going to be liberated, by the United States and whoever wants to join us, whether we get the approbation of the U.N. or any other institution.”

“It is now reasonable to ask whether the United States should now or on any other occasion subordinate vital national interests to a show of hands by nations who do not share our interests.”

These are not just strong remarks, they’re blistering in their intensity. More importantly, this isn’t just some Conservative pundit spouting off. As UPI correctly notes, “Perle’s position as the Pentagon’s senior civilian adviser gives his harsh remarks a quasi-official character.” Apparently the Bush administration has reached the limits of it’s patience with France and Germany and has decided to make that clear in a very public manner. While this may not gather the same amount of attention that a Rumsfeld or Cheney statement would, the significance of what Perle said is going to come through loud and clear in Europe’s capitals. All I can say is, “it’s about time.”

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