Right Wing News Reader Poll Results: The Big 3 Bailout Isn’t So Popular

Yesterday, I put up a couple of polls on the Big 3 bailout. Here are the results.

Do you support using TARP funds to give the Big 3 a 15 billion dollar bridge loan? (567 votes)

Yes: 5%
No: 95%

Would you support giving the Big 3 a 100 billion dollar plus loan next year? (487 votes)

Yes: 3%
No: 97%

I think we can fairly say that there is a consensus opinion here…

Update #1: Via a Washington Post-ABC News poll, we find the American people as a whole oppose the bailout as well,

Overall, 55 percent of those polled oppose the latest plan that Chrysler, Ford and General Motors executives pitched to Congress last week, on par with public opposition to earlier, pricier efforts. But with 42 percent support, the new request for up to $14 billion in emergency loans has more backers than previous proposals to secure up to $34 billion in loan guarantees.

But as with the earlier bids, those who strongly oppose the measure greatly outnumber those who are strongly supportive.

…Republican opposition has grown stronger, with 69 percent now against the bailout, an increase of 12 points since chief executives from General Motors, Chrysler and Ford last appeared on Capitol Hill to plead their case. Half of all Republicans polled now strongly oppose the plan.

Overall, independents continue to lean against the plan, with 57 percent opposing it and 41 percent supporting it.

…Union households are no more apt than those without a union member to favor the plan, 44 percent compared with 42 percent. However, the union householders who support the plan are more likely to be strongly behind the bailout.

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