Right Wing Radio Review: highlights for the week of March 23

Weeks after his news-making CPAC speech, and revelations that he’d been the target of a White House smear campaign, Rush Limbaugh continued to enjoy a through the roof ratings boost.

Radio Equalizer crunches the numbers, adding this tidbit:

“…implementation of the new, far more accurate electronic Portable People Meter (PPM) ratings system has benefited talk radio, as the manual diary-based ‘phantom cume’ problems of the past disappear. For years, programmers complained that the old system cost them listenership and are now armed with the proof they’d long sought.

“That may be why Obama and his supporters have fought implementation of PPM, as we originally reported in October of last year.”

The highlight of Rush’s week was his long talk with a rare on-air guest, fellow radio host Mark Levin. The two men chatted about Levin’s new book Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto.

Rush praised the book as the 21st century’s version of Barry Goldwater’s The Conscience of a Conservative, and helping send it to #1 at Amazon.com:

“This has the answer for everything you’ve asked yourself about yourself, and why you believe what you believe, and it also has at the end — we’ll talk about this when we get closer to it — a modicum of steps that people can take.”

(Back at his own mike on Tuesday, Mark Levin provided humorous live commentary on an Obama press conference being carried by the affiliates: “Is that Helen Thomas or a wax figurine? Somebody poke her and see if she wakes up, or falls over.”)

Mark Steyn sat-in for Limbaugh on Monday, and was lambasted by the humorless folks at MediaMatters for stating the obvious. (Did you know someone at MediaMatters actually gets paid to run an “hour by hour” “Rush Limbaugh Watch”?)

Dennis Miller celebrated two years on the air, with popular guests Steyn, Dana Carvey, Jerry Seinfeld – and a new favorite, telling an inspirational Mr. T., “I’ve been touched by few guests like you in the last two years.”

Dennis Prager spoke to former Special Forces lieutenant colonel Gordon Cucullu about his revealing, myth-busting book about Gitmo. He also asked listeners to “lighten up” about Obama’s Special Olympics joke on Leno.

On the Hugh Hewitt Show, guest host Duane Patterson challenged Emmett of the Unblinking Eye to come up with “The Top Ten Black Car Movies” in honor of California’s proposal to ban said color cars as part of another absurd environmental “fix.” Slate blogger Mickey Kaus made a rare but welcome appearance, as did Hugh’s fellow Salem Radio host Michael Medved, who tried to explain the cricket-like intricacies of the Israeli parliamentary system.

PLUS: Big time blogger Pamela Geller announces that starting next month, she’ll be hosting her own daily radio show on Freedom March internet radio!

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury.com. Her new book about Canada’s Human Rights Commissions, The Tyranny of Nice, features an introduction by Mark Steyn.)

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