Right Wing Radio Review: Week of March 9

“What has talk radio done for us lately?”

That’s the title of Andrew Pavelyev’s new article at David Frum’s NewMajority.com. Since Frum has been making a new career out of critcizing Rush Limbaugh – complete with a widely discussed Newsweek cover story —  you can guess the thesis of Pavelyev’s wonkish article:

“While not actually offering any new compelling vision, talk radio hosts filled the vacuum and appointed themselves custodians of conservative orthodoxy and enforcers of ideological purity. While they don’t seem to have any measurable (positive) effect on general elections, they certainly wield a lot of influence in the nomination process.”

Meanwhile, Frum hasn’t been the only one with Rush in his sights: the campaign to bash Rush is now – disturbingly – official White House policy! Good to know Obama and Co. have their priorities straight…

The Dems even held a contest for an anti-Rush billboard campaign, and chose a tone deaf, unfunny winner that left folks either laughing (at the Dems, that is) or scratching their heads. It amounts to a free ad for Rush Limbaugh, assuing anyone even gets it in the two seconds they devote to seeing it on the side of the road. Gives new meaning to Rush’s expression “the drive by media”!

Investor’s Business Daily ran a thought provoking op-ed:

“Democrats say Rush Limbaugh is running the Republican Party. Better Rush than George Soros, who is running the Democrats. At least Rush believes in freedom, capitalism and letting you keep what you earn…”

(PS: don’t forget that IBD runs Outloud Opinion, which offers free podcasts of columnists like Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell, Dennis Prager and other conservative favorites.)


Needless to say, Rush Limbaugh is still playing up his famous CPAC speech and the resulting publicity. His on-air tear is now in its second week, and his ratings are up.

G. Gordon Liddy talks frankly to author, former Bush advisor and CEO Leslie Sanchez about the GOP, immigration, Latino culture and issues impacting Hispanics in America.

Brass Balls Radio talks to Gerry Nicholls, a veteran Canadain conservative strategist who talks about balancing principle with electibility, and effective communication for conservative politicians – no matter what country they’re from!

Dennis Prager had a great week, that kicked off with his interview with passionate anti-Islamist and former Muslim Noni Darwish. (A Muslim caller says the Koran forbids killing people — but then can’t come up with any proof.)

Andrew Breitbart sat in for Dennis Miller on Thursday, sounding weary after finishing up a visit to GOP hotshots in the Beltway, a bunch of folks he calls “a strange brew of toxic people.” Breitbart says the GOP is in disarray, and too many so-called conservatives are too busy infighting to oppose Obama’s creeping socialism.

In honor of Obama’s porkulus spending bill, Emmett of the Unblinking Eye joined Hugh Hewitt to run down “The Top 10 Pig Movies of All Time”. Hugh’s guests this week included Rick Santorum, Christopher Hitchens, Mark Steyn and the always delightful John Stossel.

My guilty-pleasure highlight of the week? Ross Douthat? Never heard of him, says Dennis Prager of the guy about to replace William Kristol as the NYT’s inhouse “conservative.” Ouch!

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury.com.)

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