Right Wing Radio Roundup: April 6 – 10

Camille Paglia may be a lesbian liberal literary critic, but she’s also an unapologetic fan of conservative talk radio. In her latest exchange of letters and ideas with her readers at Salon.com, she rightly praises Rush Limbaugh’s house parodist, Paul Shanklin as “one of the most brilliant” – and criminally underrated – “satirists of our time.” However, she scolds Rush for playing his infamous “Barack, The Magic Negro” song too often. As always, Paglia is a must-read.

Just as President Clinton blamed Rush Limbaugh and other talk show hosts for the Oaklahoma City bombing, others are trying to pin the latest rash of shooting sprees on conservative pundits and FOX News. CNN’s Rick Sanchez did just that this week – and this from a man who actually did kill someone years ago, while driving drunk!

On the Hugh Hewitt show, Mark Steyn observed brilliantly:

“…You can make the same argument with the Unabomber. The Unabomber had Al Gore’s book in his cabin heavily annotated. There’s far more explicit connection between Al Gore’s book and the Unabomber than there is between talk radio and this guy in Pittsburgh.”

Last week, we told you about Andrew Klaven’s Limbaugh Challenge. “The reaction was predictable, but no less hilarious for that,” reports Klaven in a follow up article. “Email after email practically boiling with viciousness, foul language and hate, accused Limbaugh—and me—of being vicious, foul-mouthed and hateful.”

New York liberal media types remain weirdly obsessed with their new whipping boy, Glenn Beck. Beck’s been around for years, but suddenly he’s being held up as a menace to society.

The success of Mark Levin’s book Liberty and Tyranny has given liberal critics yet another target. The book has made it to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list – and the Times isn’t happy about it one bit!

Meanwhile, at BigHollywood, Orson Bean calls Mark Levin the “Thomas Paine of our time”.

And at Pajamas Media, Bernard Chapin calls Liberty and Tyranny “the most important book of the year.” Chapin writes:

“On the surface, Levin’s radio dominance is perplexing. His voice is not of professional quality and no Paul Shanklins contribute hysterical songs to endlessly humor the audience, as is the case with the Rush Limbaugh Show. However, part of what it means to be a conservative is to remain unmoved by surface issues

"What makes Mark Levin a shouting paragon of AM excellence is that he stays ruthlessly on topic and possesses intellectual wattage which far surpasses that of his peers. Further, vocal tone and a sensitive demeanor are qualities usually appreciated by shallow people. “Hope and change” may titillate idiots but “substance over style” is the mantra of patriots.

"On the air, Levin scores point after point against our foes. He leaves Democratic callers spinning from his (well-deserved) rudeness and precision logical strikes. Liberty and Tyranny is a continuation and elaboration of the cerebral excellence displayed to listeners on Monday through Friday.”

More from around the dial:

On Monday, Dennis Miller was really wound up and ticked off at Obama, calling him “a buzz kill”: “He’s starting to bug me and I’m gonna start ripping into him.” Wow! Miller says things that would get Glenn Beck ripped to shreds.

PS: Listen to Dennis Miller’s Second Anniversary Show for free.

Dennis Prager’s post-March 31 radio show archives are now available only to paid Pragertopia subscribers. Unless you subscribe or heard him live, you missed a lot this week.

On Tuesday, Laura Ingraham talked to a critic of government policies that call for free condom distribution to fight AIDS. The critic declared, “The Pope was right!” That critic is – wait for it – “a senior research scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health”!

Glenn Beck’s well known “Pink Floyd Easter Essay” is online for free.

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh claimed he’s lost 27 pounds in 27 days:

“What I’m thinking of doing this time, is I’m thinking of losing 25 more than I want so I have another year of fun and frolic to put it all back on. That’s my philosophy is you can lose it in six months, and whenever you lose it in six months, takes three years to put back on, and those three years are just fun as they can be.”

Maybe those widespread jibes about his weight after his televised Feb 28 CPAC address hit home?

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury.com)

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