Right Wing Radio Week in Review: April 20 – 24

Hugh Hewitt’s new book slams the Fair Tax. I find Hugh wrong about 25% of the time, and this might be one of those times…

Rush Limbaugh on Monday’s third hour: if Obama isn’t responsible for the Bay of Pigs, since he was only three months old when it happened – that means the rest of us aren’t responsible for slavery after all! Good news!

Mark Levin on Monday: “Obama is a big dope! Yeah, I said it!” (I just finished reading his blockbuser Liberty & Tyranny, which I’ll say more about next week.)

Also on Monday, Dennis Prager scolds those who hold up Anne Frank as if she were a great philosopher and not “a fifteen year old girl trying to make sense of life.” People are NOT “good at heart” – and the Holocaust proves it. Other lessons of the Holocaust, says Prager, is that ordinary people should own firearms, and pacifism is a sin. (I’d add that pacifism is parasitical, because it can only thrive in a culture in which others are willing or obliged to fight and die to keep the pacifists alive and safe.)

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After devoting part of Monday and all of Tuesday’s show talking about the Miss USA gay marriage “controversy”, Prager appeared on Larry King to debate the issue with hater in chief, pageant judge Perez Hilton. The jokes about bringing a (pocket) knife to a gun fight write themselves…

Dennis Miller’s callers were on fire this week – his audience can be as entertaining as he is: one pointed out dryly that the New York Times’ latest Pulitzer Prizes “were awarded posthumously”; another compared waterboarding to medieval witch testing.

On Wednesday, a longtime listener called in and told Rush Limbaugh that he and his wife had just named their new baby after him!

It was Earth Day, so Rush talked about Ira Einhorn, the hippie-turned-murderer who helped make Earth Day what it is today, and who I wrote about here.

On Thursday, Dennis Miller had an incredible interview with filmmaker Bill Brown, whose new movie “The Hidden Epidemic”, about Post Concussion Syndrome, is out now. I rolled my eyes and thought, “Oh no, another Syndrome of the Week,” but Brown told a very compelling story.

Mark Steyn hosted for Rush Limbaugh on Thursday — and quoted me. (He liked my snarky put-down of Perez Hilton.) MediaMatters’ "Limbaugh Wire" chronicled Steyn’s "Outrageous Comments" — which are only outrageous if you’re a humorless 27-year-old with a standard issue brain and a very strange job.

Breaking: I hate to mock a crew member of the pirated ship that got rescued, but he’s clearly missed the point about Rush’s comments about the pirates being "black teenagers." Should we start calling Stockholm Syndrome "Somali Syndrome" now? Take a well-deserved nap, Shane.

Finally, here’s a short (too short) clip from the Fred Thompson show. I’d love to hear him tell the whole story.

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