Right Wing Radio Week in Review: April 26 – 30

Can’t believe I forgot to mention this last week:

Dennis Miller
got an email from Admiral Stockdale‘s son, thanking Miller for passionately and articulately defending his father during the 1992 Presidential election. Miller’s famous monologue at the time marked his the beginning of his turn from left to right; he was clearly moved to hear from the late Admiral’s son after all these years.

This week: Rush Limbaugh made TIME magazines “2009 Top 100” list, and Glenn Beck wrote a very short tribute to the talk radio pioneer.

According to World Net Daily, this week “more than two dozen of the nation’s top talk shows held an unprecedented private meeting over the weekend to brainstorm strategies against what they agreed are government plans by to squelch critical political speech on radio.”

Alarmed by persistent rumors that the Obama administration was planning to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, under the guise of something called “localism.” Under localism, government broadcast requirements “will subject radio programming to the review by panels of community activists who will evaluate station content. These panels will be empowered to make recommendations for programming changes and challenge at the Federal Communications Commission the licenses renewals of stations that don’t heed their advice.”

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Doesn’t sound very First Amendment friendly to me!

Meanwhile, conservative talk radio pioneer and longtime Citadel boss Brian Jennings has a new book coming out on May 5 about the same topic. It’s called Censorship: The Threat to Silence Talk Radio, and he’s set up a brand new Twitter feed to promote it.

Around the dial throughout the week:

When something happens like Arlen Specter resigning, you have to tune into Hugh Hewitt for the best in beltway commentary. This sort of story is Hewitt’s bailiwick; guests included Pat Toomey and David Drier. It’s always smart to tune into Hewitt during these Washington shakeups.

Limbaugh‘s reaction to Specter’s departure? “Do me a favor and take the McCains with you!”

Also: my fellow Examiners reported on weird dustups between surprise Humane Society spokesman Rush (he’s a cat lover) and one of his core listening blocks: gun owners.

John Hawkins talked to radio host and author Mark Levin, who is echoing calls throughout the blogosphere for conservatives to take back the culture and not focus exclusively on party politics:

“We believed in doing the best you can for yourself and your family and going to church and synagogue and being a good citizen and that’s very, very important. But now, I think we have to extend that being a good citizen means being open to being a professor or schoolteacher or an editor or reporter or a director or assistant producer in Hollywood — and there is no reason why we need to feed forever these very crucial institutions to the statists.”

Speaking of taking back the culture: The next generation of conservative radio stars are the pod casters of today. They’ve got attitude to spare; my fellow Examiner Wendy Sullivan‘s weekly show isn’t called BrassBallsRadio for nothing. She and her colleague at RFC Radio, host Stephen Kruiser, spent an hour talking (and swearing) about politics and media this week. Not for delicate ears!

(PS: BrassBallsRadio will feature a Very Special Guest in a couple of weeks. A very big name will be sitting in for Wendy to help celebrate BrassBallsRadio’s anniversary. You’ll want to subscribe to this podcast so you won’t miss a minute. Better yet: be an advertising sponsor and reach hundreds of thousands of listeners!)

Dennis Prager
‘s podcast is now subscriber only. Of course, you can listen to him live Monday to Friday, but he’s also launched a YouTube channel where you can enjoy his insights for free. His ingenious thoughts on “The American Trinity” – that everything you need to know about the United States, you can see on its currency – is now up at YouTube’s “Prager University.” You can subscribe to his channel to find out when new videos go up.

Finally: was Boston libertarian radio host Jay Severin fired for making anti-Mexican cracks? Or was it a fatal combination of his million dollar salary and falling ratings?

Radio Equalizer blogger Brian Maloney writes:

“The complete lack of public awareness, much less controversy, ahead of Severin’s removal makes this move appear especially fishy. Where were the angry mobs, denunciations from the mayor and governor and cancelled advertising? That’s the usual routine, but here, the whole mess came right out of left field.”

Any Boston area readers got the scoop?

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury.com, now entering its ninth year online. Among other things, she runs the Conservative Politics site at Examiner.com.)

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