“RightOnline” Conference

Too long the Left has dominated the “netroots.” Thankfully, however, many are working to change that sad fact. A great event that you all should be aware of is the “RightOnline” Conference (http://rightonline.com/ – August 14 and 15 in Pittsburgh). It’s an opportunity for conservative and libertarian activists to get together and discuss the strategies and techniques of online activism.

The agenda is still coming together, but you can be sure it will be similar to last year’s, with sessions on activism, organization, new media, and issue briefings on hot issues like healthcare and cap-and-tax. The conference is even scheduled at the same time and place as the Netroots Nation Conference (formerly known as the DailyKos Convention – http://netrootsnation.org/). So the opportunity to be “active” is built right into the event.

Please check out the information if you want to get involved.

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