RNC Changes Direction With New Technology Approach

After getting our behinds handed to us throughout the last few election cycles, it’s evident that the Republican Party has many opportunities to grow and improve. For me, watching the Obama campaign win over and over in the technology arena was especially frustrating. The tools to influence and encourage, teach and reach out, raise money and awareness were there and our side simply couldn’t effectively utilize them.

Some things worked better than others. The McCain camp seemed very effective at getting a video response to some of the more egregious misinformation coming out of the Obama camp. Still, that is just one small part of technology as it applies to winning elections.

In addition, the message of the Republican party just didn’t resonate, either. So not only were the methods underutilized, the message just wasn’t cohesive, proactive and rooted in core principles. For a long time, some Republicans have felt increasing alienation from the party.

Well, the party leadership is changing under Chairman Michael Steele. Many of us are cautiously optimistic. Already, though, Chairman Steele demonstrates an understanding of these two issues–the message and the methods–being key to winning and he’s doing something about it.

On Friday, he held a Tech Summit in DC. Over the weekend groups were formed to put together the best ideas to help move the party in the right direction. Your help is needed. Your ideas will be considered and shared. You are welcome to comment here if you’d like to leave anonymous ideas. I will pass them along to the people who will be making the decisions.

If you would like to become more a part of the discussion, please consider joining these groups:

The GOP TechSummit Grassroots

If you’re a member of Facebook, you can participate in The GOP TechSummit Facebook Group

Part of the problem, of course, is that only 11% of the people on the internet read blogs, only a couple million are on Twitter, millions more are on Facebook and MySpace. Technology isn’t just online, though. Nearly everyone has a cell phone and can receive a text.

How do we get the newbies–grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, who have the time and inclination but not the education–involved? They can be part of the technological revolution, too, but will need help.

Those outside the blog-social media world need their voices heard, too. I encourage you to email your friends and family this blog post and get their ideas and forward them.

Winning elections means winning in the world of ideas, first. But the best idea, insufficiently shared will die alone. Technology is, at its essence, a means to share information. We Republicans need to do it better. This is a start.

Just a note: John doesn’t allow anonymous commenting, but I do. If for some reason you have an idea that you’d like to share, please go over to MelissaClouthier.com where this same blog post is and comment.

And, as always, please join me in the conversation on Twitter.

Hawkins’ Note: Both Melissa and I are part of a RNC working group that has a goal of using technology to reach out to the grassroots of the Republican Party.

I was on a conference call last night with many of the members from the group and I can tell you — it was an impressive grouping of people, many of whom are already going have some fantastic ideas for the GOP.

However, with something like this, I’ve found that there can be a lot of wisdom in crowds. So, if you have a great idea about how the Republican Party can reach out to the grassroots and get more conservatives involved, post it in the comments section or email me at johnhawkins -at- rightwingnews1.wpenginepowered.com.

If your suggestions are adopted, they WILL get in front of Michael Steele, among other people, and they could end up making a real difference come election time.

So, suggest away…

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