‘Robin Hood’ Rule Takes on

‘Robin Hood’ Rule Takes on Bike Owners: Here’s a perfect example of a government solution that’s a much bigger pain in the butt than the problem it’s designed to solve. What’s the problem?

“Police say a six-year study showed nearly 1,500 bikes worth $2 million were being stolen citywide (in Ft. Lauderdale) each year.”

So what was the government’s solution to this problem?

“(T)he city council has required riders to cough up cash and register their bikes with police, who have the power to stop a cyclist and ask for their two-wheel registration. Those who don’t have one could be subject to seizure.

…Currently, unclaimed bikes that are seized from unregistered riders are donated to shelters that hand them over to homeless people and recovering drug addicts who can use them to ride to jobs.

…So far this year, more than 500 bikes have been impounded for not having the $1 decal. If caught riding an unregistered bike, citizens face fines, community service or a simple warning.”

So now we have the government stealing bikes from their rightful owners and giving them directly to the homeless people and “recovering” drug addicts who were probably stealing them in the first place. The government even makes crime less efficient. Furthermore, everybody has to go through the inconvenience of registering their bikes just for the privilege of getting hassled by the cops. But why stop with bikes? How many TV’s get stolen in burglaries every year? What about VCRs or computers? Why don’t they make everyone register them too? Then the police (who must be bored out of their minds if they have time to harass a bunch of sports nuts and kids riding their bikes) can check everyone’s houses for stolen electronics. If you don’t have your “TV license”, the police can take your TV away and give it to some junky so he won’t have to risk his life breaking into your house. That makes as much sense as what they’re doing with the bikes…doesn’t it?

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