Russia Shows How Obama Could Succeed

Despite his juvenile ideology, conspicuously poor judgment, and alarming lack of qualifications for office, the Moonbat Messiah may be seen to have a highly successful presidency — for awhile. Russia demonstrates how this could happen:

Subjected to more than a century of propaganda masquerading as news, Russians often seem to live in a different reality from the rest of us.

And sure enough, at a time when their country is locked in its worst financial crisis in a decade, they are more optimistic about the economy than they have ever been. According to opinion polls, 57 per cent reckon it is flourishing, up from 53 per cent in July.

The survey’s findings are a triumph for the state, proving that the Kremlin has not lost its touch when it comes to manipulating fact. Obeying orders from the top, Russian television has banned the use of words such as “crisis”, “decline” and “devaluation”. Coverage of the mayhem in the country’s stock market, where shares have fallen by 75 per cent since August, is scant.

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Look for similar media coverage of the decline and fall of our economy under Chairman O. Having installed this absurd adolescent in office, it will be heavily invested in his success — or rather, since the media is in the business of manufacturing perceptions, the appearance of his success. Like GM, Obama will be artificially propped up on the grounds that he is too big to fail.

But reality has a way of catching up in the long run.

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