RWN’s Favorite Quotes From Ann Coulter’s “Guilty”

I just finished up Ann Coulter’s Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America. The book was snappy, well researched, and fearless — in other words, typical Ann Coulter. Here are the quotes from the book that caught my eye,

“Just as we’re always told that schoolyard bullies are actually deeply insecure, liberals rationalize their own ferocious behavior by claiming to have been wounded somehow. What about the little guy our poor, insecure bully is beating the living daylights out of? How’s his self-esteem coming along? That is the essence of liberals: They viciously attack everyone else, while wailing that they are the victims.” — P.2

“The downward spiral into liberal insanity began when liberals adopted blacks as their special victims. What had started as a legitimate cause — no racial discrimination — was soon being used as a battering ram by feminists, gays, illegal aliens, and ‘people of color.’ I reached my limit when Asians started complaining about being called ‘model minorities.’ They were victims of other people’s esteem for them!” — P.8

“The only shocking fact about a noose showing up on a university campus would be if an actual racist put it there. Example after example of the racism allegedly sweeping the nation’s campuses keeps turning out to be a fraud.” — P.9

“In the future, I plan to checkmate liberals by claiming to have found a noose on my office door and wailing that I was shocked, nauseated, appalled, dizzy. I will not be silenced! In fairness, I wasn’t particularly silenced before. But what the heck — everyone else gets people to treat them nicely for a few weeks after ‘discovering’ nooses they hung themselves.” — P.11

“If Republicans were running black Republicans Michael Steele, Ken Blackwell, or Condoleeza Rice for President, would liberals tell us that only racism could prevent them from becoming President? Say — do we need to send federal civil rights monitors into Maryland and Ohio right now, on account of the fact that Steele and Blackwell lost recent elections in those states?” — P.12

“The establishment media are the most powerful force in the nation and yet they are constantly claiming to speak up for the little guy and berating those whom they call the ‘powerful.’ In this affection, they are like the fake blind guy asking for spare change and then beating street urchins when no one is looking.” — P.13

“Liberals claim to love gays when it allows them to vent their spleen at Republicans. But disagree with liberals and their first response is to call you gay. Liberals are gays’ biggest champions on issues most gays couldn’t care less about, like gay marriage or taxpayer funding of photos of men with bullwhips up their derrieres. But who has done more to out, embarrass, and destroy the lives of gay men who prefer to keep their orientation private than Democrats? Who is more intolerant of gays in the Republican Party than gays in the Democratic Party?” — P.27

“It’s a perverse world when the most aggressive people are always wailing about their victimhood. In what other place or time have people boasted about how wretched they are? Isn’t it more natural to claim to be better than you are than to claim to be worse than you are? But instead of falsely claiming to be rich or of royal lineage, in modern America people seek rewards by falsely asserting they are victims — of homophobes, hypocrites, Karl Rove, racists, Republicans, and oppressive Alaska governors.” — P.29

“Liberals seem to have hit upon a reverse Christ story as their belief system. He suffered and died for our sins; liberals make the rest of us suffer for sins we didn’t commit. Their claims of how awful ‘we’ are never seems to encompass themselves in the ‘we.’ Saying America is a racist nation is never meant to suggest that the speaker is a racist — it’s his neighbors who are the racists.” — P.31

“Getting pregnant isn’t like catching the flu. There are volitional acts involved — someone else explain it to Dennis Kucinich. By this purposeful act, single mothers cause irreparable harm to other human beings — their own children — as countless studies on the subject make clear. Not only do single mothers hurt their children, they also foist a raft of social pathologies on society. Look at almost any societal problem and you will find it is really a problem of single mothers.” — P.36

“Single motherhood is the apotheosis of the feminist vision: women without men! Except they’re not without men. They’re without one specific man with an interest in their particular children. But men — and women — across the country have been forcibly enlisted in the job of feeding, housing, and clothing single mothers and their children. The rest of us have to be constantly attuned to the needs of single mothers. Government policies are designed to support single mothers, rather than stop them. Churches, corporations, and nonprofit organizations are required to chip in to make up for single mothers’ lack of husbands. I am woman, hear me roar! Hey, what’s the holdup on my government check?

“It never occurs to anyone to simply return to the original rule: Unless a man is married to a woman when she gives birth to his child, he has no rights to that child, and unless a woman is married to a man when she gives birth to his child, she has no right to his paycheck or his time.” — P.67

“What liberals mean when they complain about “attacks” is simply that it is unfair to point out the things the Democrats believe.” — P.72

“Liberals have nothing but admiration for criminal defense lawyers who lie remorselessly on behalf of child molesters, self-righteously informing us that this is ‘part of the process.’ Without these ‘Twinkie defense’ champions, liberals tell us, our adversarial system of justice would collapse. They boast ‘someone’s got to do it,’ as if they were Marines going into battle. (For any liberals reading, a U.S. Marine is…oh, never mind. It would take too long to explain.) But an adversarial system in politics drives liberals to distraction. It’s one thing to vigorously defend a child molester, another thing entirely to vigorously defend a Republican. Giving two sides of the story in a child kidnapping case is part of the process; giving two sides of the story in a political race is a dirty trick of the Republican Attack Machine.” — P.73-74

“You can tell which candidate the Media Attack Machine has anointed the favored candidate by seeing which one gets treated like the biggest victim.” — P.83

“What Democrats mean when they say something was ‘taken out of context’ is that a third party heard it. That’s the context: No one else was supposed to hear it.” — P.87

“If only Timothy McVeigh had said he bombed the building in Oklahoma City to protest American ‘fascism, imperialism, and racism,’ he too could be teaching at Northwestern University and sitting on a board with a future U.S. President.” — P.92

“Fewer than 10 percent of all Swift Boat Veterans contacted refused to sign a letter saying Kerry was not fit to be President. At the beginning of the campaign, O’Neill had signed up 190 Swiftees to say Kerry was unfit for command. By Election Day, he had 294 in all. Only 14 Swift Boat Veterans sided with Kerry, while 294 sided with O’Neill. Let’s see, would it be more difficult to get 14 people to tell the same lie or to get 294 people to tell the same lie?” — P.99

“The very reason that shocking facts are likely to come out about Democrats, but not Republicans, during a Presidential campaign is that the Media Attack Machine has inevitably given the Democrat a free ride for his entire political career, while a Republican can’t run for town clerk without reporters poring through his divorce records and youthful high jinks.” — P.108

“The reason it took thirty years to begin learning the truth about President John F. Kennedy is that a slavish press corps covered up his failings, rewriting history even as it happened. Prominent White House journalists of the day, such as Newsweek Washington Bureau chief Ben Bradlee and Chattonooga Times Washington Bureau chief Charles Bartlett sent their articles to Kennedy for his approval before publication. Bartlett and Stewart Alsop, a columnist with the Saturday Evening Post, allowed Kennedy to edit their story on one of the biggest disasters of Kennedy’s presidency, the Cuban missile crisis. Try to imagine, say, New York Times correspondent Elisabeth Bumiller extending such a privilege to President Bush.” — P.119

“The sort of skullduggery for which Nixon was crucified was standard practice in modern politics. Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Johnson had used the FBI and Justice Department to harass their enemies and tap their phones — often with the gleeful connivance of the media. NBC bugged Democratic headquarters in 1968. President Lyndon B. Johnson openly committed voter fraud to win elections in Texas, and he bugged Barry Goldwater in 1964. JFK’s arm’s-length attorney general Bobby Kennedy asked the FBI for files on steel company executives and sent agents to their homes to harass them. LBJ assistant Bill Moyers, now of PBS News, monitored the FBI’s bugs on Martin Luther King’s hotel room, distributing the tapes to select members of the Johnson administration as well as the press. Moyers also ordered the FBI to gather information about the sexual proclivities of Goldwater’s staff. A decade later, President Jimmy Carter wanted to make Moyers director of the CIA. I guess it was just the press’s ‘judgement’ to flip from toadies to a howling lynch mob when Nixon became President.” — P.122

“Perhaps it’s not such a mystery why the Bush Administration was so ‘secretive,’ as it was called one billion times in the New York Times: Any Republican administration is chock-full of potential backstabbers, all of whom know that, at any time, if they turn on Republicans, they might start getting invited to cocktail parties. Name the Democrats who flipped and then saw their incomes skyrocket, their press turn adoring, or their movie roles increase. To the contrary, liberals who merely stop being liberal become pariahs.” — P.135

“As far as the media are concerned, Republicans are either teacher’s pet or prey.” — P.135

“Republican ‘opposition research’ mostly consists of trying to publicize relevant information the press refuses to report, inasmuch as the entire American press corps works tirelessly to unearth the scandals of Republicans, while aggressively suppressing Democratic scandals.” — P.137

“It was all very well for B. Hussein Obama to decry ‘attacks’ on his wife and swear off attacks on his opponent’s family members, but those were just empty words, much like his speeches. He could count on the Liberal Attack Machine to abuse his opponents and their families for him without his ever having to get his hands dirty. For liberals to call for an end to ‘negative attacks’ is like a rapist coming out for gun control.” — P.138

“Remarks that would be political death for a Republican are said to demonstrate ‘authenticity’ in a Democrat, as an article in the New York Times put it. Biden’s idiocies proved he ‘doesn’t take himself too seriously.'” — P.167

“Battered wife-syndrome Republicans are so obsessed with trying to prove to the media that they are not being mean that they immediately abandon even legitimate attacks on Democrats, such as Michelle Obama’s ‘proud’ comment or Obama’s deranged associates and thuggish campaign tactics. And to prove they are not hypocrites, Republicans hold members of their own party to a much higher standard than they ever world hold a Democrat. Consider that Republicans Jack Ryan, Larry Craig, and Mark Foley were all forced to withdraw from politics for sex scandals that did not involved anyone actually having sex.” — P.180

“At least the Edwards’ sex scandal proved him right about one thing: There really are two Americas. There’s one for right-wingers, where every jaywalking offense will be covered like the O.J. murder trial, and one for left-wingers, where they can do anything and blithely count on a total media cover-up.” — P.181

“Liberals think gay men should be Boy Scout troop leaders but are outraged that a gay man could be a Republican.” — P.198

“After the media has flogged an issue to death, they direct pollsters to ask people whether they are ‘concerned’ about the calamity being broadcast in headlines across the nation. Poll respondents, who seem to think they can get an answer wrong, dutifully agree to be alarmed by these media-generated ‘crises.’ Completely phony political issues — such as campaign finance reform, earmarks, bipartisanship, health care, and global warming — suddenly roil national political campaigns as politicians become convinced that the public will lynch them if they don’t pass, say, campaign finance laws.” — P.211

“Sarah Palin was memorizing the last six kings of Swaziland for her media interviews, but Obama only needed to say something nice about his parents to be considered presidential material.” — P.225

“American newspapers read like the press under Kim Jung Il, which, outside of a police state, tends to look foolish. The prose is straight out of the Daily Worker, full of triumphal rhetoric with implicit exclamation points.” — P.225

“Calling a public figure beautiful and stylish is a reporter’s way of saying ‘thank you for supporting socialized health care’…” — P.228

“In fact, Michelle Obama’s ‘public service’ career advanced in lockstep with the political advancement of her husband. Michelle was only hired by the University of Chicago hospital once her husband had become a state senator. Most intriguingly, after Obama was elected to the US Senate, her salary was nearly tripled from $121,910 to $316,962 — whereupon Senator Obama would use the ‘new politics’ earmark process to try to send taxpayer dollars to Michelle’s newly generous employer.” — P.235

“It’s curious that the Democrats loudly boast about speaking for the average American, but their three unelected spokesmen — George Soros, Ariana Huffington, and Daily Kos’s Markos Moulitsas — all speak in the accents of their foreign upbringings. Couldn’t they at least wait a couple of generations and let their grandchildren do the America-bashing?” — P.239

“When your party is controlled by a billionaire rootless international financier who expresses ‘no sense of guilt’ for collaborating with the Nazis, you might want to ease up on lecturing the rest of us about the evil rich.” — P.239

“The moment John McCain introduced Palin as his running mate, liberals switched from being the primary advocates for stamping out sexism toward women in politics to being the primary perpetrators of sexism toward women in politics.” — P.240

“Bravery, as used in public discourse, bears no relation to what most people think of as bravery. No matter what liberals do, they are brave. No matter what abuse conservatives take, they deserved it.” — P.243

“I don’t care what liberals believe, but don’t tell me that they’re courageous when they are saying exactly what every powerful institution in America wants to hear. These people would have collaborated with Hitler. This is not an exact science, but if you’ve just been on the cover of a magazine or received a standing ovation, you’re not being courageous. There’s a different word for it — what’s the word I’m searching for? Oh yes, it’s “ass-kissing.” — P.254

“Someone has got to make liberals stop telling us their ‘lives were threatened.” Every public figure’s life has been threatened. If more than fifty people know your name, you have been proposed to, propositioned, and insulted and have had threats on your life.” — P.255

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