Say, Wouldn’t Hajibs And Turbans Be Great For Fireman?

If you want to see where the United States could be headed, taking a gander at news from Britain is always a great place to start (sorry, no photo, the Sun is having some coding issues at this time)

FIRE chiefs have been blasted for introducing hijabs and turbans as part of the uniform.

The politically-correct headwear is on offer along with full-length skirts.

Bosses obsessed with “diversity” claim the clothing will tempt more ethnic minorities to join the brigade. (snip)

Jagtar Singh, spokesman for the Asian Fire Service Association, said: “We are pleased to note that the fire service is now taking seriously the issues of culture and religious belief when purchasing corporate and protective clothing for firefighters.”

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? The fact that this chunk of political correctness could interfere with wearing other parts of a firefighters uniform, such as, oh, I don’t know, the helmet, was probably not factored in to the equation.

Why are they doing this?

In England’s Fire and Rescue Service 5.5* per cent of all staff are from a minority ethnic background and just 3.3 per cent of all firefighters are women. There are four women at brigade manager level (compared to 166 men), but there are no female chief fire officers. There is one minority ethnic chief fire officer. (*includes staff who have classified themselves as ‘other White’).

Sounds like India, where the majority Hindu population is scared witless over their 15% Muslim population.

In other Nanny State News:

That last one is actually from the District Of Columbia, which apparently no longer has any other problems to deal with. I wonder if hajibs and turbans will be allowed? Or burkas?

Quick update: I see, via Memeorandum, that Drudge is running a story about a Nanny State website that will offer an online emotional rescue kit. It will raise warning flags for: Persistent sadness/crying; Excessive anxiety; Lack of sleep/constant fatigue; Excessive irritability/anger. I’ve got news for the people who run the website: those are the normal emotional states for liberals.

Now if only Obama would put a website up to cure the Left of their BDS.

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