Science Czar Wants Us Sued by Trees

Just how crazy do you have to be to make Science Czar in the Obamination Administration? We already know that John Holdren wanted to put a sterilizing agent in our drinking water, and that he doesn’t regard children as human until they have been socialized. He also wants to “dedevelop” the United States, reducing it to a Third World hellhole. Now we learn that he wants us to be sued by trees:

Giving “natural objects” — like trees — standing to sue in a court of law would have a “most salubrious” effect on the environment, Holdren wrote the 1970s.

“One change in (legal) notions that would have a most salubrious effect on the quality of the environment has been proposed by law professor Christopher D. Stone in his celebrated monograph, ‘Should Trees Have Standing?'” Holdren said in a 1977 book that he co-wrote with Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich.

“In that tightly reasoned essay, Stone points out the obvious advantages of giving natural objects standing, just as such inanimate objects as corporations, trusts, and ships are now held to have legal rights and duties,” Holdren added.

The idea is to save the earth from human civilization.

Stone’s article John Holdren “Should Trees Have Standing?” John Holdren which Holdren called a “tightly reasoned essay,” was published in the Southern California Law Review in 1972.

In that article, Stone plainly states: “I am quite seriously proposing that we give legal rights to forests, oceans, rivers and other so-called ‘natural objects’ in the environment — indeed, to the natural environment as a whole.”

Stone admits in the article that it may seem improbable to give legal rights to nonhuman objects, but likened it to finally giving rights to black Americans.

The Latin term for this well-worn liberal argument is reductio ad oppressednegroesum.

As with most moonbattery, the only ones to benefit besides petty tyrant bureaucrats are lawyers. Mary Munson of the Center for Earth Jurisprudence confirms that trees are unlikely to file suits on their own initiative, so lawyers will have to do it on their behalf.

If civilization is going to be sued to death by trees, it’s nice to know that at least lawyers will profit.

Powerful and insane.

Hat tip: Dakota Voice. On a tip from The MaryHunter. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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