SEIU Gets Violent…Again

So some SEIU members beat up a protester in St. Louis last week, and the internet – at least, parts of it – noticed. But all the blogs and columns and coverage and punditizing seem to be missing one important word. Again.

As in: SEIU members got violent at a protest…again.

Remember this, from last April: SEIU International Attempts Disruption at 2008 Labor Notes Conference. The SEIU disrupted – some might say attacked – another union’s event. Some details:

Some participants were thrown to the ground by larger SEIUers. One protestor broke through the first line and, finding himself trapped between the two lines, flailed wildly. Former Labor Notes office manager Dianne Feeley, a retiree from American Axle, was pushed and fell, cutting her head, and was treated at an emergency room.

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Luckily, the mob of 200+ SEIU members wasn’t able to push their way into the room. Things could have been much worse, if they had:

… SEIU’s planned disruption would have frightened and intimidated hundreds of union members who are not party to their dispute with CNA. In the crowded banquet hall, in which there was barely room between tables; in the panic people undoubtedly would have been injured.

Well, that would serve ’em right, wouldn’t it, for being there in the first place. People should know better than to be someplace when the SEIU wants to protest.

Am I wrong to think that’s how the SEIU sees it?

Things are heating up at these health care “reform” events. People are angry, and they’re letting that anger out. That’s just fine with me – it makes for good blogging material, if nothing else – as long as it doesn’t go too far.

Conservatives, libertarians, pro-Hayekians and free marketers: be angry, and forceful, but polite. Don’t shout speakers down, but don’t back down, either. Don’t get physical. If somebody – even somebody in a purple t-shirt – pushes you, don’t push back.

And most importantly: everybody – everybody – carry a video camera.

(Lance Burri blogs at The TrogloPundit)

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