Sen. Thune: Don’t Let Up The Fight Against the “Egregious … Job Killer”

The Workforce Fairness Institute hosted a conference call today with Sen. John Thune, who addressed bloggers’ concerns about the Employee “Forced” Choice Act. I’ve posted the full audio below so that you can listen if you’d like.

If you read my post earlier this week, you know that I’m worried about the binding arbitration part of the legislation. The best news from the call was that Thune said the arbitration element was “just as bad” as card check. While secret ballots are a “time-honored, democratic” tradition in our country, Thune argued that the threat of binding arbitration is equally “egregious.” He added that binding arbitration will burden employers with costs that will result in layoffs at a time when the American economy–American businesses–cannot afford it. Jobs are created by entrepreneurs, not unions, he said, calling the bill “a job killer.”

Probably the most encouraging thing I’ve heard all week is that Thune doesn’t believe that Sen. Reid and the Democrats have enough votes to pass EFCA, even with Sen. Franken on board. Does that open the door for compromise plans? Maybe, but Thune won’t have it: “I want to be clear on this: There cannot be a compromise when it comes to card check and mandatory arbitration.”

We don’t know when the bill will come up for a vote or, as someone on the call mentioned, if it will be tacked onto another piece of legislation. The grassroots cannot let up on this. If your senator has said he will not support the bill, it’s still a good idea to encourage them with a note of your thanks. If your senator has said he will support EFCA, call and express your concerns.

If you’d like to listen to the full conference call, you can do so via the YouTube video below:

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