Senator John Cornyn Talks About Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Just got off a conference call with Texas Senator John Cornyn. It seems that I was the only one on the call, so after his preamble about voting against President Obama’s budget and his foray into immigration, I got to ask all the questions.

It seems that Immigration reform will happen with the Obama administration. Farmers, especially, need workers, and America needs the rule of law. The solution is a guest-worker program and tighter borders, says Senator Cornyn. But I asked Senator Cornyn how a guest worker program, a way to get IDs for workers, would prevent any of our current problems. For example, criminals, I would suspect, would just sneak into America and not use the ID system. Basically the system would decriminalize the workers and those who employ them.

Senator Cornyn says the current system is a mess and I agree. Will the proposed solutions solve anything?

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