Senator Smalley And The Republican Problem He Reveals

Note: Hi guys! I’m back from my two week vacation to Australia which was excellent. Still jet-lagged. Hope you all have a most excellent 2009!


There’s not much to say about Stuart Smalley finally “winning” the election from Norm Coleman. Did you expect any other result? One person?

If an election result is close, the Democrats will find a way to take the election. A lifetime of elections in the Democrat’s favor will never make up for George Bush’s two-term presidency. They feel entitled to every close contest.

Some believe that Al Franken will give the Republicans the target they need. This notion is ridiculous. The Republicans need a target alright–it’s their own failed policies and politicians. If they get side-tracked into Franken-hate (easy to do, I admit, as the man is lamentable), they will lose again and again and again.

Here is the problem: If a conspiracy nut crazy like Al Franken can win a Senate seat (albeit a close one), anyone who has the qualification of not being a Republican can win. That is the problem the Republicans face and it has less to do with conniving Dems and more to do with their own abject failure.

Can Republicans turn it around? Sure, they can. However, they need to be and do different from the Democrats. Of all the Dems, only Barack Obama is likable and he’s eating away at his own credibility one Blago, one Richardson, one Emmanuel at a time. Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and now, likely, Al Frankin are loathsome creatures. No one likes them and together they’re not admired either. Voters disapprove of Congress more then President Bush.

Doesn’t matter. No more excuses, Republicans. The press, Hollywood, and cultural elites will always be liberal. Thankfully, Republicans don’t have to please them. They need to please the people. Being unprincipled ninnies gets no respect and no votes unless you’re a Democrat. Being an unprincipled ninny is the job requirement, if you’re a Dem.

To state the obvious: voters don’t expect Republicans to act like Democrats. Being the party of limited government, low taxes, individual freedom and strong defense will get votes and and respect.

Al Franken isn’t the problem. He’s the symptom. And the degenerative disease he represents can be reversed with some lifestyle changes by Republicans.

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