Seventh-Grade Teacher Shares Perversion With Class

A public school teacher has earned the slobbering approval of the New York Slimes by inviting his 7th grade class to attend his “commitment ceremony” to another homosexual:

In Harlem a week ago, a 32-year-old math teacher handed out slips of paper inviting the entire seventh grade of Columbia Secondary School to his upcoming ceremony, where, the names on the invitation made clear, he’d be celebrating his commitment to another man. The teacher, Chance Nalley, rarely wastes an instructional opportunity but said that, in this particular instance, he wasn’t trying to make an educational statement.

It’s okay for Nalley to share his perverse sexuality with his pubescent students because his school’s “mission statement includes a commitment to diversity.” The Times rounded up kids who dutifully approved, as they had been trained:

Were they surprised to learn he was gay?

“He’s not gay,” said Japhet Guzman, 12.

“No,” agreed a lanky 13-year-old who walked with a bit of a tough-guy swagger, “he’s not gay. He’s bisexual. Why don’t you ask him?” (Mr. Nalley confirmed this.)

Why would anyone tell children about his sexual inclinations (other than to get a glowing write-up from the Gray Lady)?

Mr. Nalley said six students have come out to him this year.

Homeschooling just keeps looking better and better.

Letting characters like Nalley teach your kids would be taking a chance.

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