Share Hair With the Animals

A true environmentalist forms a symbiotic relationship with the other animals with whom humans share this Spaceship Earth. Hair can help reinforce reciprocal bonds.

Pet hair should not be discarded, but used to make environmentally friendly clothing:

Utilizing your pet’s hair to make clothing, may seem a little bit odd, but it’s a great way to get homegrown, green materials for a eco-friendly fur coat or sweater. Fur doesn’t have to be murder. …

Pet Yarn Chic will spin your pet’s hair into yarn for knitting.

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You can buy a book about knitting with dog hair.

You can even learn how to gather pet hair, spin it into yarn and knit with it.

The finished products aren’t that pretty, but they sure are functional and look quite warm.

You can share your own hair with the animal world

…by leaving it out for the birds. This sounds crazy, but birds will build nests with your hair. … recommends putting old hair clippings in an onion bag and leaving it out for the finches to pinch. Another good idea is to fill new birdhouses with the old hair and give the birds a “head” start on their nest building.

We don’t want hair to end up clogging landfills — especially not when it could be serving a higher purpose by bringing us closer to our animal brethren.

On tips from Air2air. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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