Should 72 Year Old Women Be Having Children?

Over at the View, the La Brea Tar Pit of stupidity on TV where poor Elisabeth Hasselbeck is stuck wallowing next to all those braindead libs, they had a discussion about whether a 72 year old woman should be popping out puppies.

“72-year-old Jenny Brown has spent almost $50,000 on in vitro fertilization because she is determined to have a baby, saying her age doesn’t matter because a mom can die at any age and she’s fully prepared for the hard work of motherhood,” Whoopi Goldberg explained…

Shockingly, Hasselback was not the only voice of reason on the subject. Barbara Walters and Sherri Shepherd also frowned upon the idea of a woman who was born before WWII having children.

Then there was Joy Behar,

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But of course, Joy Behar chimed in with her own view. “…on the other hand, I don’t hear all these liberated women saying men at 72 don’t do it. They do it all the time,” she began, and then went on to say that while she would not do it, “if she wants to do it, let her do it.”

Really? Men at 72 have children all the time? I know men at 72 are CAPABLE of having children, but there’s a big difference between being able to do something and actually doing it.

As to Jenny Brown, the very fact that she wants to have kids at 72 is evidence that she’s not a fit mother. The average lifespan in the United States is 78 years old.

So, even if the mother can handle childbirth at 72, which is a big “if,” and even if she has the energy to take care of a child at 72, which is a big “if,” it’s highly likely that she’s going to die before the child reaches adulthood. To put a child in that situation is extremely irresponsible and strong evidence that she wouldn’t be a good mother. She should get a puppy and not have a child to fill whatever hole she has in her life that’s making her want to get pregnant at 72.

PS: Additionally, let me add that this issue reminds me of sex change surgeries. It’s people trying to play God. You can’t change your sex, you can only mutilate yourself and become a freak. A 72 year old woman also can’t go back in time to her twenties and thirties and have the baby she wishes she’d have had back then.

PS #2: From CNN on July 15,

A Spanish woman who deceived a U.S. fertility clinic about her age and become the oldest woman to give birth has died at 69, leaving behind 2-year-old twins, newspapers reported Wednesday.

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