Social Security Bureauweenies Party Hardy on Your Dime at Posh Resort

As Big Government prepares to replace the world’s finest healthcare system with another massive, dysfunctional, unsustainable entitlement, Social Security teeters on the verge of bankruptcy. Whatever happened to the $billions upon $billions that have been stolen from workers and shoveled into this sinkhole since the dark days of FDR? Here’s a clue:

PHOENIX — A Social Security Administration motivational management conference held at a high-end Valley resort last week cost $700,000, the SSA told the ABC15 Investigators.

Costs for the conference at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa included airfare, hotel entertainment, dancers, motivational speakers, and food, an administration official said.

The bureauweenies did more than eat, drink, dance, and gamble on your retirement dime:

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The SSA provided ABC15 with a list of courses provided at the conference, which included “Techniques to Empower You,” “Mentoring the Generations,” and “Emotional Intelligence.”

Since this is the government, there was also at least one forum devoted to “diversity.” Unsurprisingly…

…the information provided by the SSA did not mention an after-hours casino trip, family members staying at the hotel, or the 20-minute dance party ABC15 observed.

Pressed to explain himself,

Social Security Regional Commissioner Peter Spencer told ABC News that staff members needed to learn how to reduce stress because of a growing number of death threats made against them.

Let me guess: all the bureauweenies of color found nooses hanging on their doorknobs.

Think how stressed these parasites will feel when they see us coming with long overdue torches and pitchforks — almost as stressed as people whose retirement funds are in the hands of the government.

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