Soldier Of Fortune Mentions RWN

Soldier Of Fortune Mentions RWN: RWN reader Harvey Stewart alerted me to the fact that RWN got a mention in Soldier Of Fortune magazine. They were doing an article on the media coverage of the story they broke about the great work Canadian snipers were doing in Afghanistan. After covering the mixed reaction their article received from the Canadian press, they mentioned the reaction of RWN among others…

“Response to the story in the U.S. media was Pro-Canadian sniper (you guys can always immigrate and join the U.S. Army if those wimps from B.C. don’t want you back). On Friday, 12 July John Hawkins of the Right Wing News — now there’s a medial outlet we could learn to like — wrote, under the headline “Atta Boy, Eh?”:

A frightened al-Queda terrorist moves from tree to tree, his throat dry and body caked with nervous sweat. His breath is shallow and he has almost given up hope that he’ll make it back over the Pakistani border alive. He looks out across the hills and sees nothing that seems out of the ordinary. But somewhere out there, watching and waiting, are the dreaded … Canadian snipers … Canadian snipers are being credited with more than 20 kills in Afghanistan, including one from 2,400 metres away — almost a mile and a half. If validated, the kill would be the longest shot made by a military sniper in combat, according to the latest issue of Soldier of Fortune magazine … Robert Brown, Soldier of Fortune editor and publisher, said, “The Canadians did a hell of a good job over there and we’ve got this from a number of sources. We felt we ought to give them, an ‘atta boy.’ “

Not only a good scenario but he also signed off with: “Hey all you Canucks out there, RWN salutes you! Way to kick ass!” The snipers and SOF’s article even made The Wall Street Journal editorial page (on 9 July, in response to the National Post article) in an article “Two Cheers for Canada,” by James Taranto (WSJ.Com Opinion Journal provided web links to both the article and to”

Thanks for the mention SOF, it’s much appreciated…

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