Something there is that doesn’t love a wall

[Red neck, whitewash

Yes, mixed metaphors can be a downer, but how else to express the silence of America’s Prophetic Voice, Jimmy Carter, regarding the other “apartheid fences”? As Soccer Dad points, out, whether in Belfast, Arabia, “and now, in Brazil,” they all keep out the unwanted, and are quietly ignored after initial bursts of interest by the perpetually brokenhearted protectors of justice. And there is no keening, Jew-obsessed hypocrite like Carter, is there? Is he heading down to Brazil?

God, yes, please. Maybe he can be Rio’s Rachel Corrie?

“Bad, bad man,” as Ed Koch said about the wrong person; and this Carter has a lot of bad, bad accomplices — mainly with press passes and, of course, diplomatic license plates.

First posted on Ron Coleman’s Likelihood of Success blog.

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