Stars Plan Global Peace Song

Stars Plan Global Peace Song: Oh gag….

“Eurythmics star Dave Stewart has teamed up with reggae legend Jimmy Cliff to write a song for global peace. The musicians hope the song, called Peace For One Day, will be played by radio stations across the planet.

The pair has collaborated with British film-maker Jeremy Gilley who wants 21 September to become a global day of ceasefire.

Stewart said: “The idea was to make a song that on 21 September we’ll get as many stations around the world to play, and DJs to talk about what it’s all about.”

I can just hear it now….

“Could all of you American cowboys
stop blowing up all the kids with your violent toys
stop killing all the little children for your filthy war
and holding people at Gitmo in conditions we deplore

You terrorists in al-Queda really aren’t so bad
we’d rather see you kill some Americans than get mad
if we could, we’d start killing Americans too
then we’d head to Israel so we could wipe out the Jews

Then the world would be full of peace and love
With the United Nations in charge we’d all be doves
Without the United States there would be no more strife
then Saddam & Osama would start to play nice!

(refrain) We need peace for just one day
to make the United States go away
then all would be right under the sun and moon
and the world would live together in a hippie commune

(refrain) we need peace for one day
to make the United States go away
if we could only kill everyone in the United States
the world would be so great….”

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