Stop The Hate From The National Hispanic Media Coalition

The left’s fascist impulse to control and censor their fellow citizens are never far from the surface. Here’s the National Hispanic Media Coalition proving that to be true,

In a petition to the FCC this week, the National Hispanic Media Coalition claims that hate speech is “prevalent” on national cable news networks and wants the government to do something about it.

That was one of the assertions made by the group in a formal request that the commission open a notice of inquiry into “the extent, the effect, and possible remedies” to what it said was a pervasive problem, and not just on conservative talk radio.

NHMC, a nonprofit LA based media advocacy group, cited a 2007 Media Matters study that concluded that “the alleged connection between illegal immigration and crime” was discussed on 94 episodes of CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, 66 times on Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, and 29 times on Glenn Beck’s Headline News show.

Lou Dobbs’ ongoing criticism of immigration reform and border enforcement, or more specifically the lack of it, has often drawn criticism from immigrants’ rights groups.

NHMC defined hate speech as speech whose cumulative effect is to create an atmosphere of hate and prejudice that “legitimizes” violence against its targets.

…The group said it was not asking the FCC to re-impose the fairness doctrine, something some congressional Democrats have suggested they might want to do, but it does want the FCC to collect data, seek public comment, explore what they say is the relationship between hate speech and hate crimes and “explore options” for combating it. An aide to then candidate Barack Obama told B&C at least twice during the campaign that he did not support reintroducing the doctrine.

I think what we really need to do is to stop hate speech from liberal groups like the National Hispanic Media Coalition. Their hate speech is obviously creating “an atmosphere of hate and prejudice that ‘legitimizes’ violence” against people who disagree with them and also has an adverse impact on the enforcement of our laws. Of course, I’m not saying that their right to express their vile, soul-warping opinions of evil should be curtailed — yet.

Perhaps we could set up an unbiased panel — of say, Pat Buchanan, Lou Dobbs, and Michael Savage — to review each of their releases and as long as they agree with everything that’s said and deem it to be non-hateful, they can be allowed to go forward.

Now, some might call that an abridgement of their First Amendment rights, but the First Amendment doesn’t specifically say liberals have a right to say hateful things, does it, does it, does it? A-ha! Told you so! 2-4-6-8, National Hispanic Media Coalition, stop spreading the hate! Chant it with me! 2-4-6-8, National Hispanic Media Coalition, stop spreading the hate!

PS: Of course, I don’t want to censor these idiots. But, everything I just wrote makes just as much sense as what these fascistic libs actually want to do. They can call disagreeing with them hate speech all they want, but what they are advocating is totalitarian censorship with a prettier name and they are despicable human beings for even suggesting it.

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