Great Radio Lousy Radio At The Citizen Journalist Report

One of my advertisers, RightTalk, is running a radio show by Jeff Goldstein from Protein Wisdom & Bill Ardolino from INDC Journal called “The Citizen Journalist Report” (Incidentally, I’ve heard the show a couple of times before and thought it was pretty good).

Well, this week, they had an interview with wavering conservative John Cole of Balloon Juice and Michele Catalano from A Small Victory.

On her blog, Michele hinted that it was a bit of a tumultuous interview so I decided to tune into the replay on RightTalk to hear what happened.

Well, I tuned in, and caught some of John Cole and that was OK. But then, I turned it off for a while, and when I turned it back on, I lucked up and came in right as Bill was asking Michele a question about atheism that was either supposed to be funny, really snide, or some combination thereof….and Michele went INSANE. I’m talking about a TOTAL MELTDOWN right there on the air. She goes on this wild rant, every third or fourth word she says is bleeped, and then says something about Bill’s “Jew partner” and hung up.

I don’t know why Bill and Jeff aren’t talking this up on their blogs (Maybe they understandably don’t want to aggravate things with Michele), but it’s MUST LISTEN RADIO, folks. You’ve got to hear this!

When you’ve got a little time, go here, click on “The Citizen Journalist Report,” and listen. Once you’ve heard the part I was talking about, come back and post in the comments and tell people if it was as good as I said it was…

*** Update #1 ***: I went back and actually listened to the whole Michele Catalano interview (It’s late, I still have work to do, and I don’t have any episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer left to watch on TiVo) and in Michele’s defense, Jeff & Bill really bent over backwards to pick a fight with her. Just about every question was goofball sarcasm. You have almost got to wonder if they were trying to provoke that kind of reaction…

*** Update #2 ***: In retrospect, this whole episode reminds me of the Jim Rome Vs. Jim Everett interview where Everett is deliberately pushed and prodded until he snaps, flips a table over, and goes after Rome.

Yeah, Michele shouldn’t have flipped out like that, but why invite someone on your radio show just so you can ambush them like that? It’s ridiculous and insulting. Bill and Jeff should know better…

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