Legalized Decriminalized Prostitution: Societal Devolution or Common Sense?

The other day, we discussed here (at for Right Wing News readers) whether Sweden is a canary in the minefield (and yes, I was aware that the statement is “a canary in the coal mine” and that I was mixing metaphors) of Western Civilization. One of the notions of particular interest hinged on this statement:

“As political and economic freedom diminishes” said Aldous Huxley’s in Brave New World, “sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.” This fits perfectly with Huntford’s description. The state strips away your personal, economic and political freedom, yet grants you sexual freedom in return, boldly hailing itself as your liberator. Sweden in 2008 is a society with no real freedom of speech if you deviate from the ruling ideology. The more crushing ideological censorship and political repression become, the more frantic the displays of “sexual freedom” get. Sex is freedom; freedom means sex, and only sex.

So now, San Francisco, a city where a person making an average American wage cannot afford to buy a home or live, San Francisco, a sanctuary city, San Francisco, quite possibly the most liberal city in the United States wants to make prostitution legal decriminalized. Really, in the list of moral ills afflicting the city, it seems like small potatoes to legalizedecriminalize prostitution. Heck, why not?

Updated for accuracy and Right Wing Nut Case’s sake. Hey, I care. I really do!

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