Liveblogging Late Blogging Obama’s Video

Sigh. I wonder if the Koz kids are sad Barack Obama broke his promise about public financing? Doubt it.

Wow, he’s Mr. America; the every man.

He’ll BUILD OUR MILITARY? Ha! And He’ll renew diplomacy.

Well, the idea is to make him look like the president already. So far it’s succeeding. This is propaganda done right. Powerful.

He’s for the working guy. They interview a third generation Ford guy who is afraid for his future.

Lot’s of pictures of Obama hugging average folks.

Now, he’s live from Florida.

It ends with soaring music. More thoughts in a minute.

Here’s my two cents about this: Overkill.

I’m wondering if the Obama campaign isn’t making a mistake by doing this. They have such overwhelmingly positive press coverage, I wonder if this sort of thing won’t backfire–as in the American people feel coerced and manipulated.

Not to mention, any sports fan will be irritated by having the game disrupted by politics.

$3 million dollars in this advertising buy. I can’t help but thinking that if a Republican did this there’d be talk that he was buying the election.

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